Master Barber/Stylist/Microblade Specialist

Desiree Peterson inherited the family tradition immediately after high school, becoming a 5th generation barber. She attended the Associated Barbers College, just like her grandfather, Jerry. She has worked hard to master her barbering and styling skills, gaining knowledge and adopting techniques from her mother and aunt. She now assists her mother, Collette, in women and children’s custom hair replacement. In 2017, Desiree became certified as a professional microblading technician, the first in her family to do so. 

Her services include:

  • Traditional Straight Razor
  • Hot Towel Shaves
  • Traditional and Modern Barber Haircuts
  • Beard Shaping and Trimming
  • Hair Styling/Coloring
  • Women and Children’s Hair Replacement
  • Microblading Eyebrows
  • Custom Hair Extension
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